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The Liquor Awaits . . .

March 25, 2009


   Morton announced that the Village Board was planning on passing an ordinance which would allow for restaurants in Morton to provide outdoor eating, drinking, and seating to customers.  This would help increase Morton business and create a more comfortable and relaxing experience for customers.  I focused my cartoon on the drinking venue, expanding on the previous cartoon I did about the ordinance that Morton passed in December, allowing grocery stores to sell alcohol to customers.  I brought back my four bottle characters from that cartoon . . . and put them in a sequel!


The Banner Issue

March 25, 2009


   Washington has a problem that is getting worse . . . too many banners.  Washington allows advertising banners to be put on display in Washington Square, which is the city’s park.  Anyways, citizens were beginning to complain there were too many banners being displayed, and they were beginning to clutter the Square.  City leaders agreed, and announced a set of guidelines that will help deal with the problem.  I went to the extreme with my cartoon, wondering what it would be like if Washington really got carried away with the banners!

Spring’s Revelation

March 25, 2009


   Spring brings out beauty, but it can bring out ugliness as well.  Ugliness being in the form of trash, scattered about during the dreary months of Winter, only to be hidden by Jack Frost and his flakes.  Well, there’s nothing that can ruin the sight of a vast, green grass prairie than the addition of a grease stained pizza box, with empty, aluminum beer cans scattered about.  My cartoon was simply stating what the story in the EastPeoriaTimesCourier was stating,

 ” Pick up the trash.”

Mid-Illinois Restaurant

March 25, 2009


   You have seen this guy before, in my ” Peorian Strength ” cartoon.  I just took the message of that cartoon, and expanded it to the rest of Central Illinois, which has not been affected by the recession as much as the rest of country either.  That part of the state has had its blows, however.

The Golden Corral

March 25, 2009


   Imagine if you awoke one morning, showered, ate breakfast, and then went to work, only to find that when you got there, you discovered that the place had been closed up, and you were out of a job.  Sounds shocking right?  Like something out of a screwball comedy?  Well, it didn’t take place in a movie, it took place in Washington at a restaurant known as The Golden Corral.  A group of workers showed up on a Saturday morning to begin their shift, only to discover that the owner had closed the place up, with no forewarning of any sort, except for a note posted on the front door, which read, ” Sorry, we are closed!”  The owner refused to comment to any journalist who inquired as to why.  So, I did a cartoon to ridicule such a shocking, irresponsible, and disrespectful act.

Washington’s Trash

March 25, 2009


   Washington doesn’t have any set rules when it comes to taking out the garbage.  So, if you are in Washington, and you are cruising along the streets on a Thursday morning, you might see things that range from pieces of scrap metal, to bed mattresses, to hunks of wood, all of the way down to the more conservative bags of trash.  The last item I mentioned is usually regarded as trash to most people, but the other items, if you live in Washington, are considered trash too.  Well, as you can imagine, this has become a problem.  Garbage men who are in charge of picking this up have been prone to health problems, and why would they not?  Repeatedly lifting something that weighs over forty pounds can have a strain on the back, not to mention it slows down their pace.  Which of course leads to traffic congestion, due to all of the vehicles being held up behind the garbage trucks.  Washington realized that rules were needed to deal with the problem; and I realized that a cartoon was needed too.

Cat’s Call

March 25, 2009


   On February 12, 2009, the day of the Lincoln Bicentennial, President Barack Obama visited Illinois for two reasons: First, to commemorate President Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday.  Second, to visit Caterpillar in East Peoria and promote his stimulus package, which was just days away from being passed.  He stated that this package would begin to turn things around for workers, like the ones at Caterpillar, most of whom had recently discovered that they were going to be laid off, due to the recession.  I created a cartoon to present this situation in a funny, symbolic, and serious way. 

In other words, ” President Obama, please help us!”

Thank You, Volunteers

March 25, 2009


   For those of you who do not know, East Peoria holds a festival every year, celebrating the Holiday Season in a harmonious and dazzling display of colorful lights, which are set up to create amazing scenes and characters.  It is a grand spectacle, which would never exist if it was not for the hard work that all of its volunteers put into to it every year.  This cartoon was a simple thank you to all of them.

The Blago Special

March 25, 2009


   He has been condemned and kicked out.  Now, all that is left is to convict, and what better person to do that than Patrick Fitzgerald.  A federal prosecutor and the Attorney General for the Northern District of Illinois, Fitzgerald has taken part in the conviction of another former Illinois Governor, George Ryan.  So, this cartoon basically states that Blagojevich is at his mercy.


March 25, 2009


   The Mayor of Chillicothe announced that in order to promote discipline and improved services from the city’s public departments, he was going to issue orders that police, fire department, and public utility officials are to fill out daily reports, detailing everything they did on their shifts.  Not surprisingly, some people had problems with this, like those who would have to fill out the reports; saying it would waste time, and distract them from doing their duty.  My cartoon was an attempt to sum up their complaints: ” A pain in the . . . “