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The Flu Hype

November 30, 2009


The talk of H1N1, as well as the new cases springing up every week has got people thinking: is it something that is hyped up by the media, or is it an illness that should be taken as seriously as smallpox, pneumonia, or the common flu?  Many people around here feel it is the latter.  It is a disease that should be considered seriously by anyone who is more likely to get it, ranging from children to the elderly, and they should take the proper steps to keep from getting it, such as the vaccinations that are being provided by clinics throughout the country.  This cartoon brings light to the issue, by addressing it as a serious one.


A Late Harvest

November 30, 2009

A late harvest is definately what it was this year, regarding the insanity of the weather.  Central Illinois was plagued by an Autumn that felt more like Winter.  The ideal colors and smells of the leaves and trees of Mother Nature’s twilight were replaced with the chilly, damp, and dreary conditions of the Season which Christmas resides in.  Nothing could really be done with the crops of corn and beans until things warmed up somewhat, and that did not happen for quite some time.  Therefore, Christmas came early this year through the symbolism of this cartoon.  (Speaking of which, it is my first one in color.)