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The Right Decision

March 22, 2010

::Sighs:: I do get frustrated sometimes.  If I come across a great story about something very foolish that was done by the ” powers that be,” I think, ” Wow! Talk about a great cartoon idea! ” But at the same time, I think, ” Will they ever learn that when they do something stupid, it IS stupid, so they probably shouldn’t do it.”  Well, this cartoon was one of the those issues.  Last month in Morton, the Village Board was trying to determine which would be the better choice when it came to cutting things from their budget: Doing Away with the Deputy Police Chief Job or Preserving the parking spaces at Morton High School?  Isn’t this a no brainer?  Which would law abiding citizens prefer?  No crime or better parking?  Well . . . . . . .


The Prisoner’s Welcome

March 21, 2010

No need to beat an issue to death, but this one was too good to leave with only one cartoon.  Again, prisoners who love prison.  Who would’ve thought?

The Freedom Walk

March 21, 2010

Who would have ever thought that an inmate would long to go to prison someday?  Or at least an inmate who is in county jail?  Yep, you heard me right ladies and gentlemen.  Prisoners would prefer prison over county jail because prison, believe it or not, is better.  In county jail, a prisoner gets nothing, but in prison . . . whoa nelly!  They have access to an exercise yard, a choice of a workshop, or vocational training.  ( Need to know how to talk to other convicted felons, am I right?)   I guess crime does pay.

The Gifts

March 21, 2010


This cartoon was promoting the Salvation Army and their message of giving, but this one held another meaning as well.  It was also promoting the Salvation Army’s program of sending gifts to those brave men and women in our Armed Forces fighting overseas and risking their lives for their country.  I know what your thinking: Why in the world is he posting this cartoon now?  Three months after Christmas?  Well, you know what they say . . . . better late than never.  🙂 ( I didn’t draw the happy face.)

The Trees

March 4, 2010

I’ve done a cartoon on this issue before . . . . tree trimming, but alas, it is still an issue.  A while ago, some tree trimming was done on Richwoods Boulevard in Peoria, which I might add, is located in a rather nice neighborhood, lined with the upper Middle class homes of doctors, businessman, etc.  9-5 families where their children can play out on the front lawn after dark.  Anyways, these tree trimmers sort of massacred the trees and diminished the view that people had of this boulevard.  As a result, there was an outcry from many residents over how the tree trimming had been carried out.  I love nature.  Not to mention, I love giving it a sense of humor.