The Animals

In June, the Journal Star wrote a story that made me frown.  Wildlife Prairie State Park is on the verge of closing, due to being stiffed on a bill from our dear state government.  A few years ago, the state promised this park 625,000 thousand clams for its operating budget, but of course when Blago was closing down parks and historical sites for his own shennigans, Wildlife Prairie State Park was one of them.  Since he has gone to jail and it has been reopened, the park is still 625,000 dollars short.  As a result, the animals are starting to talk . . . . .


2 Responses to “The Animals”

  1. Jerry Phillips Says:

    that’s really sad. I’ve only visited a few times. I’ve been meaning to visit there more often.

    • bnieder Says:

      Yeah it is sad, but since this cartoon has come out, people around town have put some money towards the par, and it will most likely stay open, so that is very good news. Hey again, great sketches Jerry. I’m glad you enjoyed this cartoon.

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