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The Line

April 25, 2010

Unemployment is still around, like a rain cloud that won’t break up, and the town where the lines are the longest in Tazewell county is Pekin, a neighbor to Peoria.  Is there a finish line?


The Balancing Act

September 5, 2009

The Balancing Act

Alas, Peoria is not safe from the recession, and things are getting increasingly difficult.  In a story in the PeoriaTimesObserver, it was announced that the City Board is trying to find ways to save money and balance the budget for next year.  The ironic thing is, in order to save money you need money to start with, and it is in short supply in this town.

Taking Action

May 6, 2009


April 15th, as everyone knows, ranging from those who have filed to those who haven’t, is Tax Day, the finish line to giving the government more of our money to pay for stuff.  ” Stuff ” is a fairly loose term, and that is one of the factors that contributed to the demonstration that was held in downtown Peoria on that day.  People were out in force, protesting questionable government spending and tax policies, and boy were they out in force!  According to the Peoria Times Observer, the number of people involved in the demonstration were over 1000.  That is admirable, to see American citizens exercising their right to free speech in a firm, but peaceful manner.  It was something that needed to be recognized, and hopefully inspire others in this country to do the same, because there is not a more important time than now to take action; and as history has shown in this country, the only way to make a wrong into a right is by taking action.  Kudos to the Tax Day Tea Party!

The Festival Issue

April 13, 2009


Those of you who are familiar with the Festival of Lights, and I’m guessing that most of you are from the Midwest, it is a parade and light show that is put on for a month during the holiday season in East Peoria.( Look at my ” Thanks to Volunteers ” cartoon too.)  It is a grandiose festival, and is something that East Peoria puts its heart and mind into, not to mention its wallet.  The total cost for this festival is $600,000 a year.  That is a lot of money, especially compared to the returning revenue, which accumulates to $200,000, not even half of the bill.  There has been talk that the money for the Festival can be invested in other projects, such as better roads or the new downtown development, which will take effect in 2010.  Of course, this brings up the consideration of either postponing or cutting back on the Festival.  Some people frown on these suggestions, saying the Festival is a wonderful and proud activity that has been a part of East Peoria for 25 years.  So, this is an issue that will be on the table for some time to come . . .

Mid-Illinois Restaurant

March 25, 2009


   You have seen this guy before, in my ” Peorian Strength ” cartoon.  I just took the message of that cartoon, and expanded it to the rest of Central Illinois, which has not been affected by the recession as much as the rest of country either.  That part of the state has had its blows, however.

Cat’s Call

March 25, 2009


   On February 12, 2009, the day of the Lincoln Bicentennial, President Barack Obama visited Illinois for two reasons: First, to commemorate President Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday.  Second, to visit Caterpillar in East Peoria and promote his stimulus package, which was just days away from being passed.  He stated that this package would begin to turn things around for workers, like the ones at Caterpillar, most of whom had recently discovered that they were going to be laid off, due to the recession.  I created a cartoon to present this situation in a funny, symbolic, and serious way. 

In other words, ” President Obama, please help us!”

The Peorian Strength

March 25, 2009


   This big, ugly recession is making heads roll everywhere, but in Peoria, the market and business areas are withstanding the blows well.  I created this cartoon to symbolize that.