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The Moose’s Gift

December 24, 2012
Hello folks.  I'm dusting off my blog with some holiday cheer.  It's good to be back. A Very Merry Christmas to you all.

Hello folks. I’m dusting off my blog with some holiday cheer. It’s good to be back. A Very Merry Christmas to you all.


The Gifts

March 21, 2010


This cartoon was promoting the Salvation Army and their message of giving, but this one held another meaning as well.  It was also promoting the Salvation Army’s program of sending gifts to those brave men and women in our Armed Forces fighting overseas and risking their lives for their country.  I know what your thinking: Why in the world is he posting this cartoon now?  Three months after Christmas?  Well, you know what they say . . . . better late than never.  🙂 ( I didn’t draw the happy face.)

Then and Now

January 26, 2010


                              Things sure have changed.

Let’s Hope Not

January 26, 2010

With the recession this year, people at the Salvation Army were hoping that a scene like this wouldn’t happen.  Sure, something is better than nothing, but during the holidays, one cent ain’t gonna cut it.

The Turkey

December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to be thankful for the love, joy, and things they value most in life.  Imagine how a turkey feels on Thanksgiving, or to what lengths he would go to keep from being the guest of honor.

A Late Harvest

November 30, 2009

A late harvest is definately what it was this year, regarding the insanity of the weather.  Central Illinois was plagued by an Autumn that felt more like Winter.  The ideal colors and smells of the leaves and trees of Mother Nature’s twilight were replaced with the chilly, damp, and dreary conditions of the Season which Christmas resides in.  Nothing could really be done with the crops of corn and beans until things warmed up somewhat, and that did not happen for quite some time.  Therefore, Christmas came early this year through the symbolism of this cartoon.  (Speaking of which, it is my first one in color.)

The Fourth

August 2, 2009

The Fourth

A recession, a high unemployment rate, and broad uncertainty, and still we celebrate.  Why?  Because this is America, and she has always overcome . . . from the Revolution onward.

Easter In Illinois

April 24, 2009


Over the past few weeks, instead of the ideal conditions of warm, breezy weather, with leaves blossoming on the trees, we can still see our breath due to the frigid temperatures, winter coats are still in use, and snow is still falling from the sky.  I did this cartoon shortly after a big snow storm hit, leaving a few inches of snow on the ground.  In April, mind you.  Easter is a big religious holiday, but it also is a symbol for Spring.  Don’t you think the Easter Bunny would feel out of place with snow on the ground?  We can relate, can’t we?

Thank You, Volunteers

March 25, 2009


   For those of you who do not know, East Peoria holds a festival every year, celebrating the Holiday Season in a harmonious and dazzling display of colorful lights, which are set up to create amazing scenes and characters.  It is a grand spectacle, which would never exist if it was not for the hard work that all of its volunteers put into to it every year.  This cartoon was a simple thank you to all of them.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

February 21, 2009


Ah, the holiday season, where everyone is jolly and excited about Christmas coming up, and all of the joy that surrounds shopping for loved ones.  The words: selfish, frustration, brutality, and rage don’t factor into this scenario at all.