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A Red Tree’s Plea

January 10, 2011

A few weeks ago, I received word that there were some people looking to make a buck in California.  How you might ask?  By cutting down some Redwoods for logging, which are located in a state park, where they are, or I guess were, protected.  Talk about a low brow thing to do, especially to those, big, ancient, beautiful trees.  In the end, the idea was thwarted, thanks to spirited opposition, but that doesn’t mean it is dead by any stretch.  So, take heed of this cartoon . . .

Our leafy friends from the Pacific Northwest may need our help again.


The Chiefs of Staff

November 17, 2010

The rough-hewn, blunt, profane-laced talking Rahm Immanuel has left, back to Illinois and the Windy City to try a run at becoming its captain, while the tough, but soft-spoken and fair-minded Pete Rouse is in, as the new door man to Obama’s White House.

The Animals

July 27, 2010

In June, the Journal Star wrote a story that made me frown.  Wildlife Prairie State Park is on the verge of closing, due to being stiffed on a bill from our dear state government.  A few years ago, the state promised this park 625,000 thousand clams for its operating budget, but of course when Blago was closing down parks and historical sites for his own shennigans, Wildlife Prairie State Park was one of them.  Since he has gone to jail and it has been reopened, the park is still 625,000 dollars short.  As a result, the animals are starting to talk . . . . .

The Right Decision

March 22, 2010

::Sighs:: I do get frustrated sometimes.  If I come across a great story about something very foolish that was done by the ” powers that be,” I think, ” Wow! Talk about a great cartoon idea! ” But at the same time, I think, ” Will they ever learn that when they do something stupid, it IS stupid, so they probably shouldn’t do it.”  Well, this cartoon was one of the those issues.  Last month in Morton, the Village Board was trying to determine which would be the better choice when it came to cutting things from their budget: Doing Away with the Deputy Police Chief Job or Preserving the parking spaces at Morton High School?  Isn’t this a no brainer?  Which would law abiding citizens prefer?  No crime or better parking?  Well . . . . . . .

The Extra Hand

January 26, 2010

With all of the hype that has been going on with healthcare and the Democrats trying to push it through the Senate, President Obama upped the ante when he met with Senior Democrats and said he was going to help push this bill through.  This cartoon came to mind when I read this.

The Washington School Board

June 30, 2009

The Washington School Board

In a meeting at TimesNewspapers one day, a colleague was venting over the incompetence that was being witnessed at a Washington School Board meeting.  Washington Community High School is in a state of disrepair, and there have been a set of board meetings where issues have been discussed on how to fix the school up and make it a worthy place to get a good education.  Well, it seems that the only thing the Board has accomplished is putting the decisions off until the next meeting.  To put it another way, nothing is getting done and the cracks in the walls are not going away.

Public Information Access

June 30, 2009

Public Access

   This cartoon is not a surprise.  Our government, which was founded on the principle that it serves the people, now believes that there is information that the public should not be allowed to know because it may be too much to handle.  What is even more ” surprising” is when they provide an outlet to public access, and we are still not allowed to know what is going on.  We are a bunch of kids who do not know any better, and the government is our parent.  Yeah, well if that is the case, there are much better parents out there.

The Smoking Law

June 2, 2009

The Smoking Law

In January of 2008, as I’m sure that most of you, my fellow viewers, are aware, Illinois issued a statewide law banning smoking from public facilities ranging from restaurants and bars to shopping centers and workplaces.  Well, fast forward to a year and a half later, if you frequent any number of bars in East Peoria, Peoria, Chillicothe, Morton, or Washington, you will see that this law is as about as well enforced as the Prohibition Laws of the 1920s were.  I have seen, with my own eyes, people lighting up in these facilities, and the bartenders or owners have not even raised an eyebrow in protest.  I respect the laws that are initiated for protection and structure, but if a law is not taken seriously, then a reexamination of the law’s purpose and enforcement should be considered.  The smoking law is one of them.

Going Green

May 9, 2009

Going Green

Recycling is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  There are so many reasons to think so, ranging from preserving our Earth’s natural resources to helping the environment.  So why should it cost us an arm and a leg to do it?  Someone who wants to buy a purse, which is crafted purely from recycled materials, should not have to pick one up at a sales stand, and then pass out from a lack of oxygen because it costs way too much.  That was the case last week, at an Earth Day event at Forest Park Nature Center, and I’m just ” guessing,” but that could lead some people to believe that recycling is something that can be exploited to make a quick buck.  So, my cartoon simply states, ” Doesn’t the true worth of a recycled product come from being bought, not from the price tag hanging on it? “

Taking Action

May 6, 2009


April 15th, as everyone knows, ranging from those who have filed to those who haven’t, is Tax Day, the finish line to giving the government more of our money to pay for stuff.  ” Stuff ” is a fairly loose term, and that is one of the factors that contributed to the demonstration that was held in downtown Peoria on that day.  People were out in force, protesting questionable government spending and tax policies, and boy were they out in force!  According to the Peoria Times Observer, the number of people involved in the demonstration were over 1000.  That is admirable, to see American citizens exercising their right to free speech in a firm, but peaceful manner.  It was something that needed to be recognized, and hopefully inspire others in this country to do the same, because there is not a more important time than now to take action; and as history has shown in this country, the only way to make a wrong into a right is by taking action.  Kudos to the Tax Day Tea Party!