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A Red Tree’s Plea

January 10, 2011

A few weeks ago, I received word that there were some people looking to make a buck in California.  How you might ask?  By cutting down some Redwoods for logging, which are located in a state park, where they are, or I guess were, protected.  Talk about a low brow thing to do, especially to those, big, ancient, beautiful trees.  In the end, the idea was thwarted, thanks to spirited opposition, but that doesn’t mean it is dead by any stretch.  So, take heed of this cartoon . . .

Our leafy friends from the Pacific Northwest may need our help again.


The Flu Hype

November 30, 2009


The talk of H1N1, as well as the new cases springing up every week has got people thinking: is it something that is hyped up by the media, or is it an illness that should be taken as seriously as smallpox, pneumonia, or the common flu?  Many people around here feel it is the latter.  It is a disease that should be considered seriously by anyone who is more likely to get it, ranging from children to the elderly, and they should take the proper steps to keep from getting it, such as the vaccinations that are being provided by clinics throughout the country.  This cartoon brings light to the issue, by addressing it as a serious one.

Preparing for the Race

September 5, 2009


The Duck Race

Everyone has floated a rubber ducky in the bathtub.  Well, imagine doing that amongst a sea of rubber duckies, and not in a bathtub, but in a river.  Well, that is exactly what Peoria does every year in late summer.  They sponsor a race of rubber duckies, that is attended by thousands of people, from all corners of the surrounding areas, and the proceeds are given to the Center for the Prevention of Abuse, which is also located in Peoria.  Those duckies do alot!

Funding the Hope

June 30, 2009

Funding the Hope

This cartoon was another promotion for ” Relay for Life ” which is holding events in June and July throughout Central Illinois.  There is never enough a person can do to help in the Fight Against Cancer.  Also, there can never be enough reminders.

Relay for Life

June 13, 2009

 Relay for Life

Relay for Life is a cause that promotes the awareness and fight against cancer, and this summer, it is being honored for for continuing those goals for 25 years.  This summer, there are events being held for Relay for Life in Chillicothe, East Peoria, Morton, Peoria, and Washington, and as a result, TimesNewspapers is doing coverage on all of these events when they occur.  This cartoon was done for East Peoria, and it is the first that will be done in a series of cartoons honoring and promoting Relay For Life, which will coincide with the release of each paper’s coverage on their events.  There can never be enough reminders to people that this is a disease that needs to be vanquished once and for all, and anyone can help bring that hope of victory closer to becoming fact.

Preparing for Illinois

May 18, 2009

Preparing for Illinois

Our roads in this State are . . . how can I put this in a nice way . . . disastrous!   I have done two other cartoons on this issue, but I felt that those two focused more on the cost and effect the roads would have on cars or city-held events.  I wanted to do one that would shine the spotlight on the most important point: How the awful condition of these roads would affect the health and structure of people.  They are accidents waiting to happen, and problems that need to be solved right away.

Hands . . .

May 9, 2009

Hands . . .

This is a cartoon that should not have been done.  Child abuse is a terrible issue that should not exist.  Unfortunately, it does exist, and this cartoon was done to remind people that child abuse is a crime, pure and simple; and that there are people out there who will help heal those who have been hurt, and punish those who cause the hurt.

Atlas’ thoughts

May 6, 2009


Can anyone think of a better source to bash Earth Day than the handler himself, Atlas?  An individual destined to carry the Earth and its Heavens on his shoulders?  I would say no, but that is not the case.  Even he, cursed with this burden, says, ” It’s worth it,” because this is our world, and we only have one.  Keep it pretty, keep it healthy.  No more, no less.

Spring’s Revelation

March 25, 2009


   Spring brings out beauty, but it can bring out ugliness as well.  Ugliness being in the form of trash, scattered about during the dreary months of Winter, only to be hidden by Jack Frost and his flakes.  Well, there’s nothing that can ruin the sight of a vast, green grass prairie than the addition of a grease stained pizza box, with empty, aluminum beer cans scattered about.  My cartoon was simply stating what the story in the EastPeoriaTimesCourier was stating,

 ” Pick up the trash.”

Doing the Most Good

February 21, 2009


The Salvation Army struggled this past holiday season to make their kettle goals, due to the poor economy and people trying to conserve their money.  Nevertheless, many people and newspapers helped  the Salvation Army’s goal of achieving its kettle goals by continuing to collect money, run stories, and in my case, draw a cartoon.